National Academy Foundation (NAF)

  • The National Academy Foundation (NAF) supports the development of young people toward personal and professional success - in high school, in higher education and throughout their careers. The Academies of Information Technology (AOIT) and the Academy of Business and Finance (AOBF) operate as 'schools within a school.'

    In addition to their required classes, academy students combine specialized theme-based courses with real-world experience. Students learn skills and self-confidence and begin see the connections between what they learn in school and the larger world as they transition to adult life.

    As a member of NAF, West Seneca Central Schools offers our AODM and AOF students:

    • Industry Based Curriculum
    • National & Local Advisory Boards
    • Tuition Free College Credit
    • Paid Internships
    • National Certificate of Study
    • Educational Trip
    • Industry Workshops
    • Web Based Student Portfolio
    • Shadow Opportunities
    • Co-Curricular Student Organization
    • Junior Achievement Program
    • Scholarships for Academy Students
    • National Alumni Registration
    • NFIEC Employability Certificate
    • Student run Businesses