Board of Education Goals

  • Student Growth & Achievement

    The West Seneca Board of Education will continually analyze programming to ensure all students have access to a comprehensive, high-quality educational experience.  All areas of the District will commit to a vision of high expectations for student achievement and quality instruction.  

    Fiscal Responsibility 

    The West Seneca Board of Education will oversee a student-centered, responsible budget that maintains efficient facilities and provides adequate resources to support our academic goals while also reflecting the financial values of the community. 

    School and Community Engagement 

    The West Seneca Board of Education will promote collaboration, celebration, and communication between the school and community for the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of community values and nurturing positive partnerships. 

    Facilities Management 

    The West Seneca Board of Education will continue to evaluate and oversee the enhancement of District facilities so as to ensure student access to a high-quality educational experience in a healthy, safe and secure environment. 


    The West Seneca Board of Education will make necessary adjustments to school attendance zones and/or school configurations to promote equity throughout the District.  Any decision(s) will be reached through a transparent process of information seeking that is substantive, inclusive of all stakeholders, and based on the goals of the District.  

    Social & Emotional Well-Being

    The West Seneca Board of Education will support the District in its efforts to nurture the well-being and safety of our students and staff.

Board of Education Info

  • The West Seneca School District is governed by a seven-member Board of Education elected by qualified voters of the district. 

    Board members work together, and with stakeholders, in making decisions that best serve the students and accomplish the following:

    • Create a shared vision for the future of education
    • Set the direction of the school district to achieve the highest student performance
    • Provide rigorous accountability for student achievement results
    • Develop a budget and present it to the community, aligning district resources to improve achievement
    • Support a healthy school district culture for work and learning
    • Create strategic partnerships with the community stakeholders
    • Build the district's progress through continuous improvement
    • Adopt and maintain current policies
    • Hire and evaluate the superintendent
    • Ratify collective bargaining agreements
    • Maintain strong ethical standards

    Members are public officials who serve without pay for three-year terms. As our elected representatives and as officers of New York State, the board must carry out duties imposed by the state's Legislature, Board of Regents, and Commissioner of Education.

    The school board has no legal or formal connection with any other local government body. Its functions are carried out through district officers, administrators, and personnel.

    School District Clerk - Nicole C. Latza

    -- Questions for the Board of Education --
    may be emailed to the address below

    *Please note that a limited number of agendas will be printed for the public.  We encourage you to print a copy of the agenda and bring it with you to the meeting.  Thank you.

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Meeting Location

  • District Office Board Room, 1397 Orchard Park Rd, West Seneca, NY 14224 

    *Most meetings are held at this location but please see notifications for other locations and changes.