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    Attendance Office
    to report an absence
    Phone Number:  677-3349 (please leave a message)
    email:  esattendance@wscschools.org  


    Mom and Dad want their freeloading kids to get jobs, but nothing could compete with the ultimate gig for high school kids that they had in 1989. As a Game Counselor answering calls on the Power Line, you could bring hope to people with nothing to lose but 99 cents an hour: people who are really stuck in a video game. In his pre-Dad days, young Gilbert learns the ropes from fellow weirdos as the quirky Counselors field calls from the lovelorn, the overly immersed, and the bloodthirsty. Battling panic attacks on the phone is tougher than dodging barrels at first, but a talented coworker takes an interest in helping Gilbert...and maybe more. Okey-dokey, here we go! 

    Congratulations to Boys Volleyball Section VI Champions 

    Class of 2022 Top 10 
    Number 10:  Lilly Kiebzak, 98.497
    Number 9:  Daniel Walters, 98.499
    Number 8:  Sarah Colby, 98.585
    Number 7:  Elizabeth Osmanski, 98.62
    Number 6:  Isabella Garcia, 98.72
    Number 5:  Dasha Korsh, 98.877
    Number 4:  Sophia Manzella, 98.949
    Number 3:  Emma Murphy, 99.113
    Number 2:  Alannah Solomon, 99.381
    Number 1:  Sabrina Blank, 99.908

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