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    Attendance Office
    to report an absence
    Phone Number:  677-3349 (please leave a message)
    email:  esattendance@wscschools.org  


    Graduation!  Class of 2022
    Use the link below for very important information regarding graduation.
    Any questions, please call 677-3303


    Class of 2022
    Students of Excellence
    Sabrina Blank
    Sophia Manzella
    Jacob Zielinski
    Taylor Zak
    Dejulys Christella Ngoma
    Alexandra Behlok
    Kiersten Wazny
    Abigail Wieczorek
    Elizabeth Osmanski
    Khalil Mohamed
    Brady Kozak
    Samantha McNichol
    Emma Luthart
    Emily Ouellette
    Hailey Cenname
    Kooper Aiken
    Alannah Solomon
    Matthew Fincel
    Madison Iannello
    Mia Fawls
    Abigail Elliott
    Emma Murphy
    Grace Dalessandro
    Natalie Weissman
    Abigail Wozniak
    Maria Arango-Ortiz
    Paris Judy
    Tyler Nossavage

    Congratulations to Boys Volleyball Section VI Champions 

    The New York State Public High School Athletic Association, Inc. Scholar-Athlete Team Award goes to teams that achieve academic excellence while actively participating in varsity level interscholastic athletics.
    Congratulations to our teams who were honored for the Fall 2021 Season! We are incredibly proud of you!
    Girls Volleyball
    Boys Volleyball
    Girls Cross Country
    Boys Cross Country
    Girls Soccer
    Boys Soccer
    Competitive Cheerleading
    Girls Swimming and Diving

    Class of 2022 Top 10 
    Number 10:  Lilly Kiebzak, 98.497
    Number 9:  Daniel Walters, 98.499
    Number 8:  Sarah Colby, 98.585
    Number 7:  Elizabeth Osmanski, 98.62
    Number 6:  Isabella Garcia, 98.72
    Number 5:  Dasha Korsh, 98.877
    Number 4:  Sophia Manzella, 98.949
    Number 3:  Emma Murphy, 99.113
    Number 2:  Alannah Solomon, 99.381
    Number 1:  Sabrina Blank, 99.908


    Live stream all of our sporting events here!