Academic Support Programs

  • Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

    What is AIS?

    • AIS is an 80-minute block for students who need academic intervention services.  This block usually replaces a study hall.
    • Depending on the student, he/she may be scheduled into more than one AIS Block.
    • Students are scheduled into AIS if they fall into any of the following situations:
      • Scored in the level 1 or level 2 range on the 8th grade state assessments for Math, ELA, Science or Social Studies.
      • Students are missing one or more of the needed requirements for graduation (course credit and/or Regents exam credit)
      • Requested by students, parents and/or counselors.


    How does AIS help students?

    • The AIS is staffed with a teaching assistant and one or more teachers certified in a core subject area.
    • Students are given the extra support and encouragement they need to help them succeed academically. 
    • Students are provided with one-on-one assistance with one of our certified staff members at some time during this block.  This one-on-one assistance may include, but not restricted to, organizing class material, reviewing of grades, assistance with homework, preparing for quizzes and/or tests, reviewing of specific content material, preparing to re-take Regents exams.
    • For students who need to re-take Regents exams, they will be required to spend at least 40 minutes each AIS session preparing for the exam.  The remainder of the time can be used to work on other academic requirements.


    How do we track students in AIS?

    • Students are responsible for keeping assignment logs of work accomplished.
    • AIS staff will communicate with target area teachers and guidance counselors, as needed.
    • Students' grades will be monitored regularly.
    • A master list of all mandatory AIS students is continually updated throughout the school year by Student Services.


    What is the criteria to exit AIS at the end of the semester/year?

    • Student passes their Regents exam needed for graduation.
    • Student earn 75% or higher on a final district exam AND have a composite average of 70% or better