Student Services

  • Our Goal

    Provide a place where students have an opportunity to discuss, explore and evaluate their abilities, needs, difficulties and hopes with someone who cares and can help. Provide resources needed for making educational or personal decisions. Help teachers and other school personnel to understand and respect the students' problems, and advises students, faculty and administration on changes which would permit students and faculty to work more effectively. Allow parents the opportunity to identify and explore their concerns for their children in a professional and confidential setting. Help families learn to communicate among themselves with understanding and caring, and to grow through the trial of adolescence. Provide the names of other professionals in the area if the student or family wishes to be seen outside of school. 

    Our School Counselors

    Kelly Page* A-G

     Jill Smilinich * H-N

     Susie Clar * O-Z


    Our Social Worker

     Kristen Syracuse


    Our School Psychologist

    Darren Kavanaugh


    Our School Resource Officer

    Officer Jeremy Maloney


    Our Office Staff

    Jodi Mucciaccio, Senior Clerk


    Laura Taboni, Clerk


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