• Hello Senior Parents! We wanted to let you know of some updates to the Financial Aid process, which can be found here:
    Some takeaways to consider:
    1.  The new FAFSA form will be opening up December 31st.  It has been mentioned that you may want to wait a couple days to get started, as there are bound to be technical difficulties at the beginning.
    2.  Every contributor to the FAFSA form must give their consent to have their 2022 federal tax information transferred to the student's FAFSA form in order to be considered for aid.
    3.  Students will start the FAFSA form and then invite their parents to do their portion.  Students will need to put in their parent(s) name, date of birth, social security number and email address (note: if more than one parent is listed, they must use separate email addresses) in order to invite them. 
    4.  Students and parents will both need an FSA ID to access the FAFSA.  This can be done starting now at:
    5.  Colleges are asking for patience with the financial aid letter this year.  Everything is delayed and they will most likely not get letters out to students until February - April.
    SUNY has added free Financial Aid sessions for anyone interested.  You can register for that using the following link:
    Check out this website to sign up for free 24/7 text help with filling out the FAFSA form:  https://www.getfafsahelp.org/
    Please be sure to get your FAFSA completed in January to avoid any further delays.  Each college/university has a financial aid office with many trained experts who are willing to answer questions and provide help if you need it.  Don't hesitate to contact any Financial Aid office that your child is applying to!
    Mrs. Kelly Page (A - G)
    Mrs. Jill Smilinich (H - N)
    Ms. Susie Clar (O - Z)