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  • A Message from Mrs. McCartan




    I know the past couple weeks at home have been quite an experience for you, your families and our teachers.   I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to not attempt to replicate the school environment, daily routine, or curriculum. When teachers reach out to you to offer curricular activities for your child, please remember that they understand that every family is dealing with different situations and levels of stress.   It is okay if you are unable to complete everything they are sending to you and your child(ren).  Please remember that you are not being asked to homeschool your children. We understand that modern education is not what we experienced as kids and when the students return to school we will make sure your child has the tools needed to succeed.

    Right now, the best thing you can do is utilize this gift of time to do things with your family. Play board games, do the dishes, sing songs, do the laundry, bake cookies, dance, read stories together and ask them to tell you stories! Most importantly, spend time talking to them and letting them know that everything will be all right and that it will get back to normal again.

    I’ve attached a brief message to your child(ren).  Please take a moment to view it with them.

    Stay Safe and Healthy!

    Mrs. McCartan

    **Just a note:  any pictures sent to Mrs. McCartan may be used in the yearbook this year!

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