High School Academy Programs


    High School Academy Programs






    High School Academy Programs 

    The Academy of Business & Finance(AOF) is sponsored by the National Academy Foundation and is one of over 650 academies nationwide. The National Academy Foundation model was developed with the leading industry and education representatives to ensure that the curriculum and activities are both current and relevant. Students enrolled in the Academy will receive a Regents diploma with an expanded certificate of Financial Studies issued by the National Academy Foundation.

    Engineering is a pre-engineering concentration that consists of a series of four courses taken over a four-year time period, which when combined with Regents mathematics and science courses, introduces the students to the rigor and discipline of engineering technology and just about every technically dependent occupation. This program meets or exceeds the NYS standards for mathematics, science, and technology education.

    The Academy of Visual Arts(AVA) is an enrichment program composed of students who demonstrate extraordinary ability and interest in the visual arts. The goal of the program is to provide students with a more mature understanding of visual concepts, enhance cultural awareness, and develop the students’ artistic abilities at a more sophisticated level. Students will have the opportunity to explore more challenging studio endeavors, participate in gallery and college visitations, be exposed to visiting artists, as well as receive collegiate credit upon successful completion of the Advanced Placement portfolio.

    The Academy of IT/Digital Media (AODM/IT) introduces students to the broad career opportunities in today’s digital work force and in the process equips them with personal, analytical, technical, and communication skills they need to thrive.

    Life Science Academy (LSA) Admission to this school-within-a-school program is competitive.  Students supplement their Regents program with a combination of medical courses and biotechnology.  This path requires extra science coursework beyond Regents requirements.  A college course is required along with an internship in a field related to career interests.

    Interested students should see their guidance counselor for more information.