PSAT Parent Letter

  • September 2023

    Dear Parents/Guardians: 

    This school year, all Juniors are expected to participate in the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) at  NO cost to you or your student.  Feedback from the PSAT provides your student with a more specific plan to prepare for the SAT that they will take this spring. The PSAT is not only good practice for the SAT, but it also can qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship. 

    The PSAT will take place on Wednesday, October 11th at 7:30am.  Note:  this date is FLEX Day.   Please be sure your child brings their fully charged chromebook as the test is digital.  The test has timed sections and measures the Reading and Writing, and Math Skills needed to succeed in college and careers.   The test runs for 2 hours and 14 minutes (a little less than 3 hours with breaks), with 98 questions total.  As part of the testing session, there is an OPTIONAL pre-survey portion that asks students for basic contact information; email, phone, race, ethnicity, college plans, etc.  If you do not want your student to participate in the pre-survey, please inform/remind them not to answer the questions and skip through that portion on the day of the assessment.   Please see below for more information on pre-survey questions. 

    All Juniors will be provided with bussing to and from school for those students who need transportation.  We will run our regular AM bus routes for pick up.  We will have dismissal buses available at 10:30 and 11:30 respectively for any students who may need extended time.

    No talking or beeping electronic devices will be allowed (i.e. – cell phones, pagers, iPods, etc.). **Please note that Collegeboard does not permit us to test any student without some form of a photo ID (license, permit, school ID). There are no exceptions to this rule. If a student shows up without a valid ID they will not be able to take the test. 

    Thank you.

PSAT Digital Readiness Check

  • Pre-Survey Question Content

    Before the PSAT all students will complete a quick exam setup called the digital readiness check.  The PSAT digital readiness check has nine parts that represent instructions, information and OPTIONAL pre-survey questions.

    1. Students confirm their name and approved accommodations are listed.
    2. Students read and agree to the testing rules for their exam.
    3. Students have the option to share their phone number, so they can get their scores delivered via BigFuture School, a (new) mobile app.
      • If the phone number is given, they'll receive a text with a link to download the app and a code they'll use to sign in.  The College Board will not use the phone number for other reasons.
      • The BigFuture School mobile app is only available to students over age 13.
    4. If taking the PSAT, students will answer questions to determine eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Program administered by National Merit Scholarship Corporation.  These are the same questions which appeared on the PSAT exam.
    5. Students will review the privacy notice.
    6. Students will be asked a series of questions about themselves.  ALL QUESTIONS ARE OPTIONAL. Students who choose not to participate in the pre-survey should NOT answer these questions.  The series of questions address:
      1. Basic contact information including email and address
      2. Race, ethnicity, first and best language
      3. GPA, desired college major, level of educational aspiration
      4. Parent/Guardian's highest level of education
    7. Students can opt in to Connections™️, a free program that lets them hear directly from nonprofit colleges, scholarship programs, and educational organizations.  
      1. If students opt in to Connections, none of their personal information will be shared with those organizations. 
      2. Connections are not available to students under 13 or students testing internationally.
    8. Students will see a checklist to let them know what to bring on the day of the test.
    9. Students will see a final screen to let them know exam setup has been completed.

    Pre-Survey Optional information Policy

    You can decide whether your student will complete the pre-survey questions. 

    Before taking the PSAT students will see a voluntary pre-survey that asks a series of questions about a variety of topics.  Participation in this pre-survey is NOT required to take the exam and is completely OPTIONAL.

    • Digital PSAT - Pre-survey questions are part of the PSAT digital readiness check completed prior to test day.

    Pre-survey questions are developed by the College Board to help connect students with colleges and scholarships.  Student Search Service uses these answers and shares them with nonprofit educational organizations.  The College Board recommends that students answer questions because it helps guidance counselors and admission officers plan for the future, helps College Board ensure exams are fair and accurate, and provides information to colleges and universities to create a picture of the academic preparation, extra and co-curricular involvement.