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  • Elementary Program

    The elementary school program provides a thorough foundation in the basic skills.  Students are instructed in reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies and science.  Prekindergarten is offered to provide 4-year-old children with the opportunity to access high-quality instruction that prepares them for future school success by developing strong foundational skills in early literacy and mathematics.  Prekindergarten classes are offered at several sites:  Northwood Elementary, and EduKids (Kelly Drive and Seneca Street locations).

    In addition to the core areas, classes are provided in art, vocal and instrumental music, physical education and health and safety.  Starting in grade 4, students may choose to study string or band instruments.  All elementary music ensembles take part in winter and spring concerts featuring both choral and instrumental music.  Computer education begins at the elementary level where it is integrated into the curriculum.

    Special education classes and resource programs are offered to those children who need special help in addition to regular classroom instruction.

    Opportunities for students to extend their learning and develop their strengths are provided in a variety of formats.

    Promotion from one grade level to the next is based on a thorough analysis of each child's progress.  Decisions are based on the needs of the student as determined by teachers and the parents working together with the building principal.  Elementary students are graded by trimesters and secondary students are graded quarterly, and report cards are issued at the end of each trimester or quarter.  Grades and attendance records are also available online through the Parent Portal on the district website.

    Middle School Program

    The middle school program serves as a transition from elementary school to high school.  While the middle school curriculum continues the elementary school emphasis on basic skills, students are introduced to technology education, family and consumer sciences, foreign languages and extracurricular activities such as interscholastic and intramural sports, student government, school newspaper and the National Junior Honor Society.  Students belong to interdisciplinary teams, sharing common instructors, expectations and curricula.

    Middle school students receive a full year of instruction in English, social studies, mathematics, science and second language-(Grs. 7 & 8 only).  Students looking to challenge themselves academically may also participate in accelerated courses in the areas of math, English language arts and science.  Students may qualify to take Regents level courses, with the possibility of earning high school credits.

    Students are also scheduled for courses in technology education, family and consumer science, art and music.  Physical education classes are offered on a regular basis throughout the year.  In addition, students may elect to participate in chorus, band or orchestra.  The district boasts an award-winning cadet marching band featuring students from grades 4 through 8.  Each school produces winter and spring instrumental and choral concerts.


  • Senior High School Program

    The senior high program is designed to prepare students for post-secondary education, immediate employment or careers in the military.

    A rigorous core curriculum leads students towards either a Regents diploma or a Regents diploma with advanced designation.  In addition to the core area courses, many electives are offered to add depth and scope to our students high school education.  Electives include courses in art, music, computers, technology, business and family and consumer science.

    Highly motivated students are offered Advanced Placement courses to enrich and accelerate their learning.  Nationally recognized Academy programs also highlight the offerings available to students.  These "school-within-a-school" programs afford students an opportunity to explore a career field and develop transferable academic and workplace skills, while earning both high school and college credit.  Students will also participate in industry specific internships and have opportunities for scholarships through their Academy program.  The Academies currently include:  Academy of Business and Finance, Academy of Digital Media (formerly Information Technology), Academy of Visual Arts, Academy of Life Science, and Academy of Pre-Engineering.

    High school instrumental students may participate in award-winning concert bands, marching band and jazz ensembles.  There are also multiple opportunities for students to participate in the choral music program.  Music productions, winter and spring instrumental and choral concerts are presented by both high schools.  A full complement of junior varsity and varsity sports are also available to students.