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    Our goal as a district is to create an educational environment that will help all our children grow through enhancing our facilities. We recognize over the years the needs for the use of our facilities and for education have changed greatly and we seek to meet these needs while maintaining the stewardship of the district through our proposed capital improvement project.


    This project will have

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  • On Tuesday, December 4, 2018, our community voted to move forward with the district’s capital improvement project. The work contained within this project is essential to our ability to fulfill our commitment to our students to provide a safe and enriching learning experience. We will provide regular progress updates to our community regarding this project. Use the navigation pages to the left to learn more.

    We are grateful to the members of our school community for their support and look forward to advancing this project.

    Capital Project Goals

     Health/Safety/Welfare  ♦  Security  ♦  Accessibility Improvements
    Facilities Infrastructure Improvements
    Building Utilities
    Educational Space & Program Improvements
    Site Improvements