English Language Arts (ELA) Department

  • The West Seneca Central School District is committed to providing its students with high-quality learning experiences in English Language Arts.  We understand that reading and writing are at the center of ALL learning, and we believe our students deserve the very best instruction in these areas.

    At the elementary level, we recently adopted Benchmark Advance, a structured literacy program that uses a common theme to connect classroom instruction in phonics/word study, reading, AND writing.  In most cases, these themes are aligned to those found in the Next Generation Science Standards and the NYS Social Studies Framework.  As we continue to navigate our new resources, we will build a repertoire of resources to share.  They will be posted here when ready.  In the meantime, if you'd like to see an overview of the Benchmark Advance program, please click here! (15 min)

    At the secondary level, our ELA teachers have made a concerted effort to establish a district curriculum that provides equitable learning experiences for ALL students.  With the support of Dr. James Cercone from Buffalo State College, They have examined the titles they currently teach through new literary lenses and have explored new titles that may be more meaningful and relevant to our students’ lives.  Like elementary, we will post our resources here when they are ready to share.


    NYS Next Generation Learning Standards for ELA

  • English Language Arts Department

    Carmelina Persico
    Assistant Superintendent of Educational Operations

    Carol Bush
    Director of ELA, World Languages & ENL