District Information

  • The District

    Centralized in 1946, the West Seneca Central School District is one of the largest central school districts in Western New York. The District is 25 square miles including portions of the towns of West Seneca, Cheektowaga, Orchard Park, and Hamburg.

    School/Community Connection

    The West Seneca Central School District is strategically linked with business and post-secondary institutions.  Staff members serve on committees as members of the board of directors, and have served as officers of the West Seneca Chamber of Commerce.  Chamber members provide work experience and internship sites, sponsor scholarships and shadow days, and serve as classroom speakers.  The West Seneca Central School District currently has articulation agreements with local colleges, advanced study credit offerings, and six college partners offering tuition-free courses with transcripted free credit.  Local civic organizations are a resource for over two thousand hours of student community service activities annually.  Local business representatives serve on West Seneca Central School District budget committees, focus groups, building planning teams, and academy boards.


    West Seneca Central School District has been and continues to be a trendsetter in the field of technology. More than 450 classrooms house over 4,600+ Internet-connected computers. Students routinely engage in net-researched projects that provide authentic learning experiences.

    Academic Overview

    The West Seneca Central School District is committed to a strong academic program. At the high school, approximately 20% of the students are enrolled in Advanced Placement Courses. Both high schools offer a National Finance Academy Diploma. In addition to the Finance Academy, the high schools offer other 'smaller learning community' opportunities through the academies of Instructional Technology, Project Lead the Way, Visual Arts and Education.  Over 80% of our graduates seek higher education opportunities.  Innovations such as looping through grade levels have been implemented in the elementary grades as well as middle school.  A district-wide enrichment program exists at the elementary and middle school levels.  Our Literacy Support Teacher initiative provides additional support in the area of literacy instruction at the primary level in each of the five elementary buildings.

    Academic Support / English as Second Language

    We provide academic enhancement programs in every school in a variety of formats, including before and after school, in-school support classes and some Saturday programs.  An English as a Second Language (ESL) program is provided.  There are students and families in the district representing 21 countries outside of the Unites States.  These students are at varying degrees of English proficiency.

    Occupational and Vocational

    Occupational and vocational programs are offered to West Seneca Central School District students through participation with Erie 1 BOCES.

    Special Education

    A comprehensive special education program provides a full continuum of services. Students with disabilities are provided education within our district schools with attention to seamless, least-restrictive settings. More than 1,000 students with disabilities are served in least restrictive environment settings throughout the district. West Seneca participates in collaborative agreements with area social services agencies to enhance support for our students in need.

    Community Education

    In conjunction with regular instruction, the West Seneca Central School District provides a Continuing Education Program that enrolls 6,000+ participants annually.