Our Staff

Name Title Building Email Phone
Alana Knaebe Psychologist Allendale Elementary School aknaebe@wscschools.org (716 ) 677-3672
Melissa Brind'Amour Community Outreach Social Worker West Senior High School mbrindamour@wscschools.org (716) 677-3377
AnnMarie Canaple Counselor East Middle School acanaple@wscschools.org (716) 677-3539
Elizabeth Caprio Social Worker West Elementary School ecaprio@wscschools.org (716) 677-3166
Nubia Cawthard Psychologist West Elementary School ncawthard@wscschools.org (716) 677-3258
Susan Clar Counselor East Senior High School sclar@wscschools.org (716) 677-3316
Ashley Clark Psychologist District Office afillmore@wscschools.org
Kayla Croce Psychologist Northwood Elementary School kcroce@wscschools.org
Kathryn DiPasquale Social Worker West Senior High School kdipasquale@wscschools.org (716) 677-3368
Erin Elze Counselor West Senior High School High School eelize@wscschools.org (716) 677-3393
Katherine Falana BESST School Psychologist District kfalana@wscschools.org (716) 677-3262
Brenna Fitzpatrick Social Worker Northwood Elementary School bfitzpatrick@wscschools.org (716) 677-3649
Lisa Gill BESST Social Worker District lgill@wscschools.org (716) 677-3261
Sean Hanley Social Worker Allendale Elementary School shanley@wscschools.org (716) 677-3670
Danielle Hubbard Psychologist East Middle School dhubbard@wscschools.org (716) 677-3566
Darren Kavanaugh Psychologist East Senior High School dkavanaugh@wscschools.org (716) 677-3343
Jacqueline Kivari Counselor West Senior High School jkivari@wscschools.org (716) 677-3365
Katie Kubiak Counselor West Middle School kkubiak@wscschools.org (716) 677-3506
Robert Lares Counselor West Middle School rlares@wscschools.org (716) 677-3505
Steven Mariglia Counselor West Middle School smariglia@wscschools.org (716) 677-3524
Eric Meslinsky Counselor West Senior High School emeslinsky@wscschools.org (716) 677-3366
Lea O'Malley Counselor Winchester-Potters Elementary School lomalley@wscschools.org (716) 677-3580
Kelly Page Counselor East Senior High School kpage@wscschools.org (716) 677-3313
Luke Rejewski Social Worker Winchester-Potters Elementary School lrejewski@wscschools.org (716) 677-3594
Tina Schoepflin Social Worker Clinton Elementary School tschoepflin@wscschools.org (716) 677-3631
Christopher Scozzaro Social Worker East Middle School cscozzaro@wscschools.org (716) 677-3536
Aimee Smart Social Worker West Middle School asmart@wscschools.org (716) 677-3513
Jill Smilinich Counselor East Senior High School jsmilinich@wscschools.org (716) 677-3314
Jodi Smith Counselor West Senior High School jsmith@wscschools.org (716) 677-3364
Kristin Syracuse Social Worker East Senior High School ksyracuse@wscschools.org (716) 677-3312
Trisha Walsh Counselor West Senior High School twalsh@wscschools.org (716) 677-3363
Lauren Wastchak Psychologist Clinton Elementary School lwastchak@wscschools.org (716) 677-3568
Warren Yokom Counselor East Middle School wyokom@wscschools.org (716) 677-3538
Randall Zakrzewski Psychologist West Senior High School rzakrzewski@wscschools.org (716) 677-3388
Danielle Roberts Psychologist Winchester-Potters Elementary School droberts@wscschools.org (716) 677-3588
Kaley Murphy Social Worker West Middle kmurphy@wscschools.org

Counselors by Building

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