• The Academy of Visual Arts is an enrichment program for students who demonstrate extraordinary ability and interest in the visual arts. The goal of the program is to provide students with a more mature understanding of visual concepts, enhance cultural awareness, as well as develop the students’ artistic abilities at a more sophisticated level. Students will have the opportunity to explore more challenging studio endeavors, participate in gallery and college visitations, be exposed to visiting artists, as well as receive college credit upon successful completion of the Advanced Placement portfolio.  

    All students must be enrolled in Studio in Art during their 9th grade year to be eligible for the AVA. From there, you need to submit a portfolio, application, and a letter of recommendation from your Studio teacher and a brief written statement. Don't worry ... it's not that hard, you already have most of the work done!

    Here is what you need to submit for your portfolio:

    • Resource Based/Cultural Awareness Piece (you may use your Chiaroscuro or Cubist project)
    • Process Piece (you may submit any project as long as you submit the preliminary sketches!)
    • Artwork from Observation (use your best Contour Line Drawing here!)
    • Student Choice (what is your favorite piece?)
    • Written Statement (tell us why you want to join the AVA!)

Academy of Visual Arts

  • Ninth Grade

  • Tenth Grade

  • Eleventh Grade

  • Twelfth Grade

  • East Senior .5 Credit Electives

  • West Senior .5 Credit Electives

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  • High School students that are considering exploring an Academy program or would like to receive information on joining an Academy as a freshman should contact their school counselor at the start of the school year. Additional information on joining an Academy can be obtained by calling 716-677-3318.