• The Engineering Academy curriculum explores principles of engineering, and provides content in the fields of Materials Processing, Civil Engineering/Architecture, Engineering Robotics, Engineering Design and Development, and other topics.  Students wishing to participate in the Engineering Academy should take Design and Drawing for Production (DDP) during their freshman year. Students will learn transferable skills and knowledge with a focus on the Engineering industries.  EA members will participate in industry-sponsored activities including field trips, shadow days, classroom speakers, and may earn college credit for courses.

Academy of Engineering

  • Ninth Grade

  • Tenth Grade

  • Eleventh Grade

  • Twelfth Grade

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  • High School students that are considering exploring an Academy program or would like to receive information on joining an Academy as a freshman should contact their school counselor at the start of the school year. Additional information on joining an Academy can be obtained by calling 716-677-3318.