Why Should I Intern?

  • Being part of the National Academy Foundation requires members to fulfill a student internship. Internships provide real world experience that they would not endure in the classroom. The learning process does not just begin on the first day of a job. Students gain knowledge on how to perfect their resume, in order to set up a job interview. This is a great opportunity for young adults to shake out any nerves that one might have regarding job interviews. In the future, when the time comes for them to apply for higher positions in their careers, they can channel the experience they have thanks to NAF internships.

    Once an internship has begun, NAF members will have opportunities to take what they have learned in the classroom, and apply it to their work. Whether that is computer skills, interpersonal communication, ect. An important characteristic that student will exercise is responsibility. They will be in charge of getting work done by themselves, and for possibly the first time in their lives, handling their own money. It's up to them on how they choose to be responsible and make the most of the internship. 

    Not only is the program a great asset for members to develop skills of the working world, but it is helpful to set up potential job opportunities in the future. NAF internships may be used for a reference on college applications and provide interns a source of contacts for careers later on in life.

    Joining an academy is an amazing decision that will take you down the right path, towards being successful in the workplace and in life!  

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