West Seneca West H.S. Physical Education

West Senior is proud to offer a Physical Education program that allows students to learn the skills necessary to participate in lifetime activities such as golf, tennis, fitness training, cardio training, etc.   Although our emphasis is on lifetime activities, team activities and sports are also offered.  

We believe physical education involves activities and lessons that teaches core character traits to help students become healthy, active, lifelong learners, who will continually strive for excellence. All lessons will be centered around the standards set forth by the New York State Education Department. Students will be taught key concepts on living a healthy, active lifestyle, and will also gain knowledge on community programs and facilities to continue participation in individual and group activities.

Units to be taught include: flag football, volleyball, badminton, pickle ball, aquatics, basketball, and handball.

Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

Physical Education Staff:   (Boys PE Office  677-3371 / Girls PE Office 677-3370)
  Ms. Ashley Bonetto  (677-3371)
  Mr. Jason Kline   (677-3801 ext. 6132)
  Mr. Matthew Marinaro  (677-3801 ext. 4290)
  Mr. David Recor  (677-3371)
  Mr. Scott Schreiner (677-3801 ext. 4358)

Course Expectations/Guidelines - What do we Expect?

  • Class Participation/Attendance:  Each student will be expected to come prepared and ready to participate to their fullest potential.  Attendance at all classes is required.  Absences can and should be made up by arrangements with your Physical Education teacher.  Those students who cannot participate fully due to injury or illness will be given alternate exercises to perform, otherwise the class must be made up.
    Cut classes:  If a student purposely cuts class, they will not be allowed to make up that class. 

    Make-Ups:  Legally missed classes must be physically made up in order to receive credit for class, including students out for illness/injury and field trips. You must make arrangements with your PE teacher.    

    Required Attire: Students not prepared will not be allowed to participate for safety reasons.
        Shorts or wind pants (no jeans/khaki pants)
        T-shirts (crop tops not allowed for PE)

    Evaluation Criteria
    1. Students will be evaluated in the cognitive (knowledge), affective (social/cooperation), and psychomotor (performance) domains.
    2. Degree of participation, cooperation and knowledge of the rules and demonstration of skills will determine the quarterly grade.
    3. Any legally missed class (legal absence, guidance, musical, or medically excused) must be made up.
    4. Each quarter will consist of a skills test in a selected activity and a written test of the rules, boundaries, skills, in a selected activity. 
    5. Selected activities will have written homework assignments to be completed.

    Behavior Expectations: Students are expected to exhibit respect and responsibility in the gymnasium.  Students should fully commit to individual, group or skill building activities with  energy and enthusiasm.

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