High School Physical Education

  • Upon graduation, a West Seneca student will have had the opportunity to learn and  demonstrate the following in Physical Education:

    • Develop and apply skills proficiently in a few activities.
    • Develop and apply skills competently in many activities.
    • Develop a fitness portfolio that can be used for lifelong health and wellness.
    • Apply CPR/AED skills in a life-saving emergency.
    • Have the knowledge to access and utilize community resources.
    • Know the impact that participation in physical activity has on physical, emotional and mental health.
    • Know the basic strategies and the rules and conventions in a variety of activities.
    • Know basic water safety and life-saving survival strokes.
    • Demonstrate personal and social responsibility and safety during activities.

     Components of the High School Physical Education Curriculum will include

    1. Team Passing Games
    2. Net/Wall Sports
    3. Striking/Fielding Sports
    4. Target Sports
    5. Dance and Aesthetic Activities
    6. Outdoor Activities
    7. Personal Performance Activities
    8. Fitness Activities