Grading Policy (High School)

  • Physical Education grade will be determined by the following criteria:
          70%   Active Participation/Personal & Social Responsibility (10 points per day; see Daily Grading Rubric below)
          20%   Skill Assessment (4 point rubric based on PE Profile Assessment/Application of Skills portion, see conversion table)
          10%   Cognitive Assessment (quizzes, projects, assignments, etc.)

    Being Unprepared for Physical Education Class:
    If unprepared, a student may participate with sneakers and receive up to 5 points, and may later attend a make-up to receive up to an additional 3 points, for the first 2 unprepareds. If a student chooses not to participate the student will receive a zero and will not have the opportunity to make up that class.

    Make-Up Procedures: All missed classes must be made up (medically excused included).  There are many ways to make up a missed PE class- please see the PE handout.  Missed swim make-ups must be made up in the pool. 

    Medical Excuses:  All students registered in the schools of New York State are REQUIRED by New York State Educational Law and the Commissioner's Regulations to attend courses of instruction in Physical Education (No Exemptions).  These courses must be adapted to meet individual needs if the student has medical limitations.  This means that a student who is unable to participate fully in their Physical Education program must have activities modified to meet his/her needs.   

      Skill Assessment Table

     PE Rubric

    Be a self advocate:  If you have a question about your grade, take responsibility and see your teacher. 

Xray of man running with a pulse measurement shown in front of him