Elementary Phys Ed

  • Our Elementary Physical Education Philosophy is based on our students trying their best while having fun. All children are encouraged to work towards their personal best.  Physical Education is an essential part of the total educational program of each and every student.

    It is our goal in physical education is to guide students through the education and development of teamwork, fitness, and physical movement.   Cooperation and sportsmanship are stressed at each grade level. Physical Education can be a great way to develop character and life skills.

    The overall physical educational program is designed to include a variety of activities that provides an environment which fosters a healthy and active lifestyle. 

    The Objectives of the Elementary Physical Education program is designed to:
    1.) Promote physical fitness
    2.) Increase self awareness
    3.) Respect for others & school property
    4.) Safe working habits
    5.) A positive attitude
    6.) Promote good sportsmanship, honesty and fair play
    7.) Promote a positive desire for physical activity
    8.) Responsible personal and social behavior while participating in physical activity
    9.) Increase physical and mental growth
    10.) Experience a variety of physical activities