Code of Conduct

  • Student athletes are very visible within the school and are often admired and respected. Therefore, it is imperative that student athletes in the WSCSD conduct themselves properly. In addition, student athletes are representing the school system and community while participating in interscholastic athletics.

    Student athletes are expected to be cooperative, orderly, and respectful to faculty, staff, and students. Conduct which is insubordinate or which endangers the safety, morals, health, and welfare of others will be subjected to disciplinary action. Student athletes are encouraged to maintain reasonable standards in the areas of dress and grooming.

    While representing WSCSD on the playing field, student athletes should: refrain from profanity and vulgarity; never resort to dangerous and illegal tactics; show respect for officials, opposing coaches, opponents, and spectators; be gracious in defeat and humble in victory and avoid physical and verbal confrontations

Last Modified on July 21, 2020