Academic Policy


West Seneca Central School District Academic Eligibility Policy
for Extracurricular Activities

The West Seneca Central School District extends the privilege of extra-curricular activities to students who recognize their obligation to themselves, their co-participants and their school community while striving for academic excellence. Students must adhere to the district's policy regarding academic co-curricular eligibility, attendance, and good citizenship in and out of the classroom.
Extracurricular activities are defined as any school function NOT grade dependent (e.g.: athletics, intramurals, school musicals, marching band and all clubs/group meetings, activities, tryouts and performances held before or after school). The Extra-Curricular Policy will affect participation in all extra-curricular programs and activities.


1. The eligibility standard will apply to students in grades 7-12.

2. Students are considered eligible when they have a passing average in all subjects at each time that eligibility is determined (typically every 5 weeks). Students transferring into the district at any time shall have a clean slate for eligibility purposes.

3. Students who are failing one course (exclusive of Physical Education) at each 5-week marking period will be placed on probation, but will retain eligibility. This includes being able to practice and compete in contests and activities.

4. Students who are failing two or more courses, or Physical Education (for Athletics) at each five-week marking period will automatically be ineligible to participate in any interscholastic contests, intramurals, clubs, etc., during the next five-week period. Students will be allowed to practice during this time as long as they meet the terms of Probation. **Incomplete grades that are not changed to a passing grade within ten school days after the report cards and/or progress reports are issued will be considered failing grades for eligibility purposes. 


1. Probation is the 5-week time period where a student must seek remediation with the teacher of his/her failed/INC course(s).

2. Each student on probation will be issued a West Seneca Eligibility Evaluation Form from his/her coach/advisor. Students on probation or ineligible students must seek remediation with teacher of his/her failed/INC course(s) every day.

3. Teachers must sign-off on the eligibility form each time verifying that the student sought remediation that day(s).


1. At the end of the second full week of remediation, an ineligible student may have their eligibility reinstated by submitting proof of successful remediation using the West Seneca Academic Eligibility Evaluation Form.

  1. In order for this to occur the student must show the proper motivation and work ethic/effort to be successful in class, and/or elevate his/her grade to a passing grade of 65 or higher.
  2. An ineligible student may re-establish eligibility at any time after the second full week of remediation. All students on probation will remain on probation for the entire five week period until a new eligibility list has been issued.
  3. Students forging his/her teachers’ initials/signature will lose his/her privileges to participate in the extra-curricular activity for the remainder of the current sports season/semester.


1.  Activity advisors/coaches are required to review their student members’ standing and determine eligibility at five week increments beginning at week five and concluding at week 35 (as per the academic calendar). For Athletics, a list of athletes will be sent to the coaches for review from the Athletic Office.

2.  Activity advisors/coaches will meet with ineligible students and/or students on probation and will be given the West Seneca Academic Eligibility Form.

3.  Activity advisors/coaches will contact the student’s parent/guardian to inform them of the terms of their probation/ineligibility.

4.  Activity advisors/Athletic Department will submit a list to administration of ineligible students and students on probation.

5.  A letter to the parents/guardians will be generated from building administration confirming the status of the student’s eligibility.


A parent/guardian may request an appeal by submitting written notification to the building principal no more than five school days after receiving notification from the school. The Academic Eligibility Committee consists of: a building administrator, athletic director, coach or advisor and the teacher(s) whose class(es) are being failed. The committee will have the authority to remove students from the ineligibility list if it is determined there is adequate cause for such action due to a student’s ability or recent extenuating circumstances.

Furthermore, the building principal may exclude a student from participation for a period of time if he/she deems necessary based on the severity and/or chronic nature of academic, behavioral or attendance difficulties.

Last Modified on August 30, 2023