• Conferences:


    Before the Conference:

    • Discuss the conference with your building principal and/or director first to ensure you have their support, to establish who/how many participants are able to attend, and to establish goals for conference attendance as well as expectations for implementation/sharing upon conference completion.

    • Complete the appropriate Conference Request Form in WinCAP web

      • Submit at least 15 school days before the conference which does not require travel or hotel reservations.

      • Submit at least 30 school days before conference for which travel and/or hotel reservations are required.

      • Submit at least 45 school days before conference out of state* for which travel and/or hotel reservations are required

      • Please note: If you do not select the proper form, your request will be disapproved and you will need to start the request all over again on the correct form. We are not able to change the form once requests are submitted.

    • Conferences are approved by the following:

      • Teachers- Director of CTE/Academies/Professional Development

      • PPS- Director of PPS

      • Special Education- Director of Special Education

      • Administrators- Assistant Superintendent for Educational Operations

    • Budget code for conferences in most cases is AB-2060-475-048. Some conferences are paid for through Grant funds and those conferences would have a different code.
    • AFTER approval for a conference is received, the conference attendee pays conference related expenses (please note, expenses are not reimbursed until after the conference is complete). In most cases, conference attendee pays all expenses up front and then is reimbursed after submitting the Travel Expense Report Form. For conferences where there are multiple attendees, PO's can possibly be generated for registration and/or hotel expenses.

    • Employee follows building procedures for entering absence in Red Rover (code- District Service) and securing a substitute (if necessary).


    After the Conference:

    EXPENSES:  ALL Expenses must be pre-approved!

    • LOCAL/STATE - Maximum $600 (excluding registration and/or membership fees)

    • OUT OF STATE/Beyond 500 Miles* - Maximum $725   (excluding registration and/or membership fees)

    *Travel exceeding $725 and/or out of state beyond 500 Miles - Must be approved by the Superintendent or designee in advance.

    • LODGING - Please fill out the Tax Exemption Certificate prior to arrival and submit to hotel at check in.

    • MEALS – Meal allowance is the current per diem rate set by the Federal Government as published on the US General Services Administration Website. Do not claim allowance if meals are included with conference. Where only one meal is included, reimbursement will follow the USGSA per meal rate. (No reimbursement for personal expenses, including alcoholic beverages, pay television, show tickets, etc.)

    REIMBURSEMENT FOR EXPENSES:  Complete the Travel Expense Report Form and submit to the Business Office within five days after last day of conference.


    CTLE/ARO Hours:


    • When entering Total PD Clock Hours, you MUST EXCLUDE any meal or break times.

    • For Activity Name, enter exact conference title.

    • Enter full name of conference provider/sponsor.

    • Where URL/Web address is unknown, please send supporting documents to the Staff Development Office/Professional Development Center for review. Include as much detail as possible.

    CONFERENCE SUMMARY - A Conference Evaluation/Summary Form MUST be completed within five working days after the last day of a conference.  Simply click on the hyperlink above to complete and submit your form electronically.  Your completed form will be forwarded to your Building Principal and Staff Development.  No credit will be applied until the form is submitted.

    Please contact Dr. Robert Merkle with any questions