• Professional Learning Communities (PLC) (Formerly PSP, PST, District Sponsored Courses):

    All proposals must be submitted prior to April 1st and completed by May 1st.  For a maximum of 15 ARO or CTLE hours.

    Before the PLC:

    1. Discuss the proposal with your building principal and/or director

    2. Teacher completes the Google PLC proposal Form

    3. Facilitator of Professional Learning works with Principal/Director to approve scope of PLC
    4. Facilitator of Professional Learning will enter activity into WinCAP web and determine applicable ARO and/or CTLE hours.

    5. Facilitator of Professional Learning will send an email with a PLC attendance log and CTLE form (if applicable) for activity to the PLC Facilitator.

    After the PLC:

    1. PLC facilitator collects and keeps all logs and records participants who have completed the PLC. PLC facilitator provides CTLE form to participants, if needed.

    2. Within 1 week of PLC completion, the PLC facilitator notifies the Facilitator of Professional Learning that the PLC is complete and which participants have completed it.

    3. Participants are marked as attended in WinCAP Web and the PLC is complete.

    Please contact Kimberly McCartan with any questions at ProfessionalLearning@wscschools.org