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Town of West Seneca History

  • West Seneca was incorporated as a town in 1851. It was initially named Seneca, but the West was soon added to avoid confusion with another town named Seneca to the East.

    West Seneca's history actually began more than 1,000 years ago with the Native American inhabitants. The second stage of development began with the Ebenezers, who purchased the land and buildings from the Senecas. The Ebenezers came from Germany to escape religious persecution and created their self-sufficient communities in the largely undeveloped wilderness.

    When the Ebenezers left in 1862, the largest growth and expansion began to take place. West Seneca became a predominantly agricultural, rural community and later developed into the suburban area of today.

    The Town of West Seneca is adjacent to the south of the City of Buffalo, New York. Situated in the center of the Western New York region, its location provides convenient access to the Midwest, Northeast and Southern Canadian markets. The town is suburban in character, with a full range of urban amenities within reach.

    Today, West Seneca is a medium-sized suburb. Its present population is approximately 45,000 people.

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