• West Seneca Community Education
    "Learning for Life's Seasons"
    Bringing Educational Classes
    and the Before and Afterschool Program
    to you and your family …

    The MISSION of the West Seneca Schools Community Education Program is to provide a variety of affordable, quality programs that enhance and inspire our diverse community to meet their personal needs and goals.

         To accomplish this, we develop, plan and implement programs in a wide range of subject areas – from Academic courses such as SAT Preparation and Regents Reviews, to Defensive Driving; from Computer Basics and Microsoft Office applications, to Online courses on a variety of career skills; art, crafts, home improvement, adult health and exercise programs, plus children's instructional sports like soccer, football, hockey and basketball, and a complete swim program for all ages.

         Our "Learning for Life's Seasons" course brochure is published four times a year – September, January, March and June – and distributed to all school district residents, plus a mailing list of past participants. Our Summer session is devoted to daytime children's camps, both academic and recreation-oriented, while our Fall, Winter and Spring sessions feature evening and Saturday classes of all kinds for adults and children.

         Course offerings range from about 200 in the Summer, to 350-400 in each of the other sessions. We believe there is "something for everyone". Please let us know if there is anything we can add for YOU by calling the Director at 677-3180.