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    Spanish For The Elementary Years
    *LIVE, on-line class. Get a head start on the language by joining us for an educationally oriented curriculum that is specifically designed for the K-4 student to learn the Spanish language. This unique and exciting program features foundation vocabulary introduced through games, singing and fun activities. Students are able to compound words and begin forming simple sentences. Early introduction increases the student’s ability to absorb rather than translate the language. If you have taken a Spanish Club class previously, new vocabulary is introduced with each session. Class is open to new and returning students!
    If you have any questions, contact The Enrichment Company at 1-833-436-7424. Join the fun!

    February 8 – March 22; No class 2/15.
    6:00 – 6:40 PM
    6 Classes: $75
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    How to Travel Free & Safely
    (TRP- 001)
    Gina Henry
    *LIVE on-line class. We're ready to get back to our travels! When it is safe to go on a trip, where can we go, how do we stay safe, and how do we make our travel free? If you are near retirement, changing careers, a student, or someone who likes the idea of making additional income to support your travel dream, this class is for you. World traveler Gina Henry shows you how she is prepared for the new travel normal including important tips on safety, trip insurance, what to do if you become sick, and other strategies. Discover over 200 ways to travel free. Earn free airline tickets, hotel nights, tours & more in the USA & worldwide! Volunteering, fun work-vacations, paid travel, teaching English and remote employment opportunities. Tuition includes Gina s 100-page ebook How to Travel Free & Safely (retail value $39.95).
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    Biography: Gina Henry, holds an MA in International Management from Thunderbird, is a travel expert, writer, professional speaker, and owner of Go Global, Inc., a company she founded to help people find affordable ways to support their travel habit. Gina has lived the travel life for 30 years, taking 10 free vacations a year earning free airline tickets, hotels, tours, meals, & more. She has traveled to 98 countries and all 50 states. She teaches in 90 cities and is the author of many travel books & audios. She leads several group tours each year and organizes volunteer teach English programs in Thailand and Peru.

    March 31
    6:00 – 9:00 PM
    Cost: $49.00
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    HEY, BOOMERS! ...
    Managing Healthcare Expenses in Retirement: What Baby Boomers Need to Know
    Aaron E. Rybak & Robert K. Wilczak, Cetera Investors
    *LIVE, on-line class. This educational workshop will cover the following: How Medicare enrollment periods work and how to avoid late enrollment penalties; How much you can expect to pay in healthcare costs after going to Medicare; How Medicare works with private insurance to provide comprehensive coverage; Why most people pay too much for private insurance and how you can avoid excess cost; Why you must plan for higher health care costs in retirement including the possibility of needing long-term care.
    ~Gold Card Eligible.

    March 2
    6:00 – 7:15 PM
    1 Class: $5
    *Note: a link to the on-line class will be e-mailed to you.
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    BE SAFE! ...
    Adult/Child/Baby First Aid, CPR, AED

    iSafety Company
    This On-Line course will prepare you to recognize and care for emergencies. The course features award-winning simulation learning - an interactive experience where you will respond to real-world emergencies in a virtual setting to help prepare you to recognize and respond to a vaiety of first aid, breathing, and cardiac emergencies involving adults, children, and infants. This is an informational course ... not a certification course.This course requires a PC or tablet with a high-speed Internet connection. This course is not supported on smartphones. This course does not work with Internet Explorer. Allow approximately 2 hours 45 minutes to complete the course. This course can be taken at your convenience. *No Gold Card discount.

    February 1 – March 20
    3-hour class
    1 Class:  $40
    *NOTE: a link to the on-line class will be e-mailed to you.