Bids/Quotes/Requests for Proposals

  • Bidding Process
    All public bids for commodities and services are advertised in the legal notices of the West Seneca Bee and posted on this Website. Bidders are responsible for printing their own bid documents—both the terms and condition signature pages, as well as the specific bid (see below).

    All bids must be received in a sealed envelope by the due date and time specified on the bid. The envelope must be labeled with the bid name, bid number and due date. Bidders are welcome to attend bid openings.

    New bidders will be subject to a vendor analysis and may be required to submit information on ownership, company history, financials and at least three references during the bid tabulation process.

    Award recommendations are submitted to the Board of Education for approval.

    All BID CERTIFICATION DOCUMENT signature pages must be signed and returned with the sealed bid.  [Bids only--not needed for quotes.]

    NOTE NEW SUBMISSION PROCEDURE:  To expedite our bid process and confirm accuracy of bid entries, an EXCEL version of the bid submission form will accompany the majority of bid solicitations.  If the bid solicitation includes an EXCEL file, we request that you complete and return the EXCEL file on a CD or flash drive IN ADDITION TO the other required bid documents, INCLUDING A PAPER COPY of the submission form.

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