Social Studies

  • Overview of Social Studies

    The Social Studies program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of human societies, cultures, and historical developments. Students explore topics such as geography, history, economics, and civics, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills. The program aims to cultivate global awareness, promote civic engagement, and empower students to become informed and responsible citizens in an interconnected world. The district uses the New York State Social Studies Framework as a guide to help inform curricular planning. 

    The four overarching goals of the Social Studies Department are:

    1. Equip students with the tools they need to master the skills and content from the NYS Social Studies Framework.
    2. Support Social Studies instruction that fosters inquiry, collaboration, and civic-readiness. 
    3. Monitor the effectiveness of the program both vertically and horizontally. 
    4. Prepare students with the skills they need to be successful on both High School Social Studies Regents Exams. 


    Jonathan Dalbo, Chief Information Officer, Director of Instructional Technology & Social Studies