• Redistricting Update

    February 27th, 2023

    In the fall of 2022, The West Seneca Central School District began a study regarding zones of attendance within the West Seneca Central School District.*  The objective of the study continues to be the rebalancing of our existing schools to the benefit of family and student equity, and efficiency of operations.  

    Our Core Team, a small group of District parents and staff, have continued to meet with the goal of developing recommendations to be presented to the Board of Education in February. 

    At this time, the Core Team is not prepared to make a final recommendation.  Based on survey information from the public and data that must be considered, the Core Team believes that more time is warranted in the process.  

    The Core Team is dedicated to bringing a thoughtful and fully informed recommendation to the Board that will consider available space in our existing buildings,** program distribution, and family proximity.  They will continue to meet, with the goal of making a recommendation in the fall of the 2023-2024 school year.  No changes will be made during the 2023-2024 school year.

    * Redistricting will take place within the current parameters of the WSCSD. Nothing outside the boundaries of the Town of West Seneca will be affected or considered.  

    **There are no plans to close any of our schools, only to mitigate the overcrowding of some.