Connect to our Wireless Network

  •  How to connect District Equipment to our Wireless Network. (PDF version below.)
    1. Start your iPad
    2. Tap Settings then tap Wi-Fi
    3. Turn Wi-Fi on using the slide button
    a. Turning Wi-Fi on and off is also useful if you are having connection issues. Just slide the bar off and then back on and your wireless networks in range will be rediscovered.
    The iPad Wi-Fi Settings Screen 
    4. Choose and available network. In school you will choose WSCSD-C
    Wi-Fi turned on 
    5. Type in your Seneca-Net username and password.
    Wi-Fi Login Prompt 
                   Trust the certificate when window pops open
    6. Once your Wi-Fi is selected you will see this symbol in the upper left corner of your iPad
    Screen. You may now press the home button and continue to work.
    Now connected to a Wi-Fi network 

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