Teachers' Center

  • Welcome to the Teachers' Center
    Now Located at East Middle School Room 3

    Welcome to the Teachers' Center. We exist to support the great work of our school community here in West Seneca. At our Center we have equipment available for our teachers to help create engaging classroom activities and environments. Additionally, the Center sponsors professional development courses and action research projects designed to help teachers grow as educators.

    This year (2021 - 2022) our center is focusing on Two key areas:

    • Professional learning and/or support for teachers to prepare for implementation of the NYS K-12 Computer Science and Digital Fluency Learning Standards (adopted 2020).
    • Professional learning and/or support for the creation and maintenance of safe, secure, supportive and inclusive learning environments for all students

    If you are a West Seneca teacher, please consider supporting this great resource. If you have any questions, please contact our Director, Pat Braunscheidel at pbraunscheidel@wscschools.org. Our center hours are 3:30 pm - 5:45 pm Monday - Thursday.


    Mission Statement:

    The West Seneca Teachers' Center, a unified group of educators, provides opportunities for ongoing professional growth and development for the West Seneca Educational Community. These opportunities enhance instructional behavior benefiting and improving performance by students and staff. Our Center also collaborates with other educational stakeholders in joint efforts to promote a community of lifelong learners.


    In 1984 New York State United Teachers successfully lobbied the New York State Legislature to pass Section 316 of the Education Law. For the first time a NYS law established a governing structure that gave teachers control over an important aspect of their professional lives, their professional development. In 1987, the West Seneca Teachers' Center was established primarily under the auspices of the West Seneca Teachers' Association. Today, over 133 teachers centers provide ongoing, consistently high-quality, cost-effective professional development for thousands of educators in our state.

    Current Teachers' Center Director: Pat Braunscheidel (e-mail: pbraunscheidel@wscschools.org)

    Current Policy Board Members:

    Policy Board Co-chairpersons: Kristen Frawley and Amanda Swygert

    Public School Representatives: Tom Meaney, Kiernan Pierce, Elizabeth Dolce (WSTA rep), Melissa Vanderwerf, and Rosalia Carraba

    Administrative Representatives:  Jonathan Dalbo and David Kean

    Higher Education Representative:  Chris Shively

    Business Representative: James Suchocki

    Non-Public School Representative: Angela Norris 

    Parent Representative:  Cori Zagara


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