Homework Pick-Up


    If your child will be or has been out of school for at least 2 days and you would like to pick up homework, you can contact the Student Support Center to organize that for you.


    If your child is going to be out for an extended time on vacation it is THEIR responsibility to inform their teachers and get any work that they may miss from being out.


    For children out only 1 day, they can pick the work up from their teacher and make arrangements for when it is due.


    Homework Requests:


    Please call 677-3537 before 10am to ask for homework to be picked up.


    We will contact the teachers and have the work organized and ready to be picked up by 2:30 pm.


    The work will be at the Security Guard's station with your child's name on top.


    Any homework that is not picked up will be in the Main Office until your child claims the work.