What is a Middle School Counselor?


    Middle School Counselors are professionals in the school setting who provide academic, social and emotional counseling. We work with students to provide academic skill support, educate them in understanding themselves and others, and help in growing peer relationships. As School Counselors, we provide problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution strategies.


    The type of counseling we provide is not therapy. Mostly our sessions are brief in nature and focused on developing a plan or coming up with a solution. For cases that may be more intensive, we can provide resources for community agencies.


    We have an open door policy so that students can feel comfortable to come down to the Student Support Center at any point throughout the school year. 


    Students can simply stop down and get a pass to meet with their counselor during their non-instructional periods.


    For Students We Provide:


    Academic Support


    Social/Emotional Support


    Student Groups


    Organizational Assistance


    Classroom Guidance Activities


    High School Scheduling/Planning



    For Parents We Provide:


    Organization of Progress Reports and Report Cards


    Parent Conferences


    Assistance Keeping the Lines of Communication Open Between School and Home


    Information on Community Resources and/or Agencies