• Spanish (Mrs. McCleary) & French (Mrs. Miloshevski) - Countries Project

    Read all the directions (steps 1-5) before you download the template and start making changes. You should do this on a desktop computer AT SCHOOL! (no Chromebooks)

    1. Right-click the link below and choose "Save link as".

    2. Select your Documents folder.

    3. Add your last name to the file name. Example: SpanishCountries_McCleary_Smith

    4. Now you will have to click on the Windows start button at the bottom left of your computer (it looks like 4 squares) to find your Documents folder and open the template you just saved before you can begin adding your information.

    5. Remember, as you make changes you should save every few minutes (Go to the File tab and choose Save). Microsoft Word does NOT save automatically like Google Docs.

    McCleary CLICK HERE: Mrs. McCleary's countries project template

    Milo CLICK HERE: Mrs. Miloshevski's counties project template



    FACS - Mrs. Rauscher - Careers

    Use these links to research your careers: 
    1) Career Cruising - Start here!
    2) Occupational Outlook Handbook - This is the online version of the large book used in the library - the same info as in the book!

    3) Career Zone - Explore your career path with New York State's Career Zone site.
    4) Learn How to Become - Find out your career's salary, education, and other information. Sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
    5) More Career Guidance... - Discover more web sites to research your chosen career. From New York's public libraries.