• About the Library


    Welcome! The West Seneca West Middle School Library serves students and staff in all curricular areas in grades 6, 7 and 8. The library houses approximately 9,000 items including print books, ebooks, and audiobooks all searchable in Destiny, plus research databases to help with class assignments, in addition to district-wide ebook/audiobook access through Sora. There are 30 student computers with Internet access.


    How do I contact the librarian?
    Call Ms. Wrobel at (716) 677-3511, email her at lwrobel@wscschools.org or reach out in your grade-level Google Classroom.


    How do students have access to the library?

    In-school instruction: Students may visit the library during homeroom, between classes (briefly, to exchange books), on the way to lunch (again, briefly) and during a study hall when the library is open. Check the daily schedule posted outside the library doors to see if the library is open or closed when you want to visit during your study hall. To visit during study hall, students should obtain a 10-minute pass from their study hall teacher OR pick up a full-period pass from the library during Homeroom on the day they wish to visit. Students also regularly come into the library with scheduled classes to complete research projects of various lengths on many topics.

    Remote instruction: Students may access library resources online anytime in their grade-level Google Classroom for Library. Each grade's Library Google Classroom will include links to search for ebooks/audiobooks in both Destiny and Sora. Librarian Ms. Wrobel will hold Office Hours daily from 8-9am and 1:40-3pm in the three grade-level Google Classrooms. Students/parents may also call the library during office hours, if they prefer, at 716-677-3511. Students and parents are also welcome to email Ms. Wrobel anytime at: lwrobel@wscschools.org


    When is the library open?

    In-school instruction: The library is open from 7:50am to 8:05am every school day during Homeroom. Check the daily schedule posted outside the library doors or listen to morning announcements to find out which study hall periods are open each day. Each day's open study hall periods depend on which classes are scheduled that day in the library. The library is only open to study hall students when there is not a class scheduled.

    Remote instruction: Library resources are available anytime in the grade-level Google Classrooms for Library, as well as here on the library web page. 


    Is the library open after school?

    In-school instruction: Check with Ms. Wrobel during Homeroom to find out if the library is open after school until 3pm. There is an after-school bus at 3:30pm Mondays through Thursdays. Students waiting for the 3:30 bus will go to the after-school supervision room to do homework or read between 3 and 3:30.

    Remote instruction: Ms. Wrobel is available after classes end M-F during afternoon office hours from 1:40-3pm.


    How many books may students borrow at once?

    Print books: 6th-graders may check out 2 books, 7th-graders may check out 3, and 8th-grade students may check out 4 books at once. Students may take additional books out above their grade-level limit for class projects as needed. Please ask in the library in June for information on how many books students may check out over the summer.

    Building and district-level ebooks: ebook/audiobook checkout is available through the online catalog, Destiny (only West Middle students can access the West Middle ebooks/audiobooks in Destiny) and Sora, (Sora ebooks/audiobooks are for all district students). If you search Destiny for books, the results will include any books in Sora. If you search directly in Sora, the results will ONLY include Sora ebooks/audiobooks. For example, an elementary student at Allendale will be searching the same Sora books as an elementary student at Winchester; middle school students at East and West middles will see the same ebooks/audiobooks when they search Sora. Ebook/audiobook checkout is not included in students' grade-level limits. Ebooks/audiobooks are automatically returned at the end of the 3-week borrowing period. 


    What should students do if they lose a library book?
    Keep looking for it! Our motto is "it's gotta be somewhere." Lost library books are usually just misplaced or hidden under materials in a locker/bed/closet and turn up within a week or two. During in-school instruction, overdue notices are sent to Homerooms at the end of each quarter weekly until the book is renewed or returned. Please ask in the library for a "lost book checklist" if you need help looking for your book. If lost books are not found by the next quarter or the end of the year, students may pay for the book(s). Please check with the librarian for an alternate way to replace and take responsibility for the item (example: working in the library to "pay for" a lost book, purchasing a replacement copy at a book store, or doing a kind deed for someone in need and documenting it to prove the work was completed).


    When are library materials due?
    Books and magazines are borrowed for 3 weeks for both in-school and remote instruction. Check the due-date stamp in the back of your item to find out when it's due, or log in to the Destiny link on the main library web page and go to "Checkouts." During in-school instruction, students may bring their books in to the library to renew them for another 3 weeks, unless there is a waiting list for that item. During remote instruction, students may email Ms. Wrobel at lwrobel@wscschools.org to request to renew materials. All library materials for the 2020-21 school year should be returned when textbooks are returned to school.


    I am a parent/guardian. What can I do if I'm concerned about the content or reading level of the materials my own child has access to in the middle school library?
    Students benefit from library access more when their family or guardian(s) are involved with their reading material choices, including selecting materials that are on an appropriate level and topic for that individual child. Middle school is also an important time for students to begin or continue making independent reading choices. Please call the library at (716) 677-3511 to discuss your child's use of the school library with librarian Ms. Wrobel. She is happy to help you create an individual plan for your child so that he/she has access to materials that will enhance their West Middle School experience. Materials at the middle school level have a wide range of reading levels and appropriateness of topic. The librarian is happy to work with your family, child and his/her classroom teachers in choosing fun, engaging, interesting and educational library materials.