• Homework Roles and Responsibilities

    Our Learners:

    • Bring agenda book to and from school every day
    • Bring all necessary materials and supplies home each night
    • Complete assignments neatly, on time, and with 100% effort


    • Give support and structure at home by setting a time and place for homework
    • Limit television, electronic video games, and phones to encourage a focus on learning
    • Monitor your child’s homework and communicate with teachers


    • Provide meaningful, targeted homework that reinforces or enriches classroom learning


    Reading at home is critically important.  All teachers will assign a minimum number of minutes that each student should read per day, however, this should be an enjoyable activity.  Younger or developing readers will definitely need someone to listen to them read and to read to them.   Older or more independent readers will be able to read silently – just be sure that they have a book that is interesting to them and can tell you a little bit about what they read or learned from their reading.


    Planners and Take-Home Folders – Check these daily. It will help you to keep up on your child’s homework, assignments, upcoming tests, and classroom or school activities and events.