• Morning Procedures

    Student drop-off in the morning will occur in the designated car lane.  Once in the lane, we are asking parents to remain in their cars throughout the entire process.  There will be staff available to direct students into the building and to their classrooms.  Please remember to stay in the car lane, and do not go around the car in front of you.  

    Buses will continue to arrive and unload at 8:30 a.m.  

    Afternoon Dismissal Procedures

    • Each family will receive two car tags with a designated number for their family.  We understand the need for multiple drivers to be picking up, so we will be issuing two car tags per family.  Please share your car tags as a family. 
    • Your car tag must be displayed on your dashboard.
    • Each child will receive a bus/designated number tag from their child’s teacher.  They will need to wear this on their school bag daily so we can safely and efficiently exit them from the building.  Please do not remove these from your child’s school bag.
    • If the person picking up your child does not have a car tag when they come to pick up your child(ren), they will be asked to pull out of line into a designated space in the parking lot. After the pick-up loop is cleared, staff will verify their identity.   We will be checking a photo ID and confirming the information you have on your “Pick-Up Authorization” Form.


    Student pick-up will begin promptly at 2:50 p.m. In order for us to keep an overflow of traffic to a minimum, please do not arrive prior to the designated pick-up time.   

    Please follow the directions of the staff members who are supervising your child(ren) walking to your vehicles.  Your child will ONLY be able to get into your vehicle when you are in the “loading zone”.