• Arrival

    • Our school day starts at 9:00am.  Please do not drop students off before this time as no supervision is available.
    • Please use Door 19 and Door 18 on the side of the building.
    • If you are dropping off after 9:10am, please use Door 21, the Main Office door to enter the building.


Door 19
  •  Dismissal

    • Our school day ends between 3:15 and 3:30.  Please send in a note to designate that the child will be picked up at dismissal time.
    • Parent pick-up begins at 3:15, bus dismissal begins at 3:30.
    • You must have photo ID in order to pick up students and you must have your family car tag.
    • Children will exit from Door 17 on the side of the building.
    • If you are picking up prior to 3:00, please use the Main Office door, Door 21 to enter the building.
    • No parent pick-ups will be allowed from the Main Office after 3:00 as staff will be preparing for parent pick-up at 3:15.



Door 17