• Dear Families:


    The safety of the students is always a top priority at Allendale Elementary. In light of the recent school tragedies across the United States, I wanted to share some reminders about school procedures.


    The West Seneca School District requires picture identification for entry into all school buildings, so please have your identification with you and ready to be shown to the camera before entering the building.



    • Please be advised, there is no supervision prior to our 8:30am start time. If you need to bring students to school prior to 8:30 am you need to contact Stephanie Wright with the Before & After School Program swright01@wscschools.org or 716-677-3180.  Students can be dropped off at our Parent Drop off door between 8:30am - 8:45am
    • After 8:45am students must be brought into the building and signed in by a parent or guardian-students cannot be dropped off at the door.
    • If you need to park to assist your child or bring in items, please do not park in the reserved spaces or handicapped parking spaces (this includes the blue striped lines next to the handicapped parking spaces) unless you are a user of a handicap permit. (including before/after school pick-ups)
    • The apron in the front of the building is for handicap accessibility and should never be blocked. (including before/after school pick-ups)
    • The bus loop is for buses only during arrival and dismissal.


    Security (Sign In and Out):

    • All visitors must ring bell in front, show ID and state purpose of visit before being admitted.
    • All visitors must see security to sign in and get a visitor pass -whether volunteering in a classroom or picking up a child.
    • Parents must give written permission for someone else to pick up child.
    • Students cannot ride an alternate bus home or get off at alternate stops without prior approval from the transportation department.



    • Our student dismissal time is 3:00pm at which time students are called to the parent pick up line for parent/guardian pickup. Reminder, please send in a note if you will be picking your child up.
    • Please refrain from unnecessary early pickups, as this is an interruption to the instructional day.

    We appreciate your cooperation with honoring our arrival and dismissal procedures. Please review the above items with your family members who may be visiting, in order to ensure your children safely enter our school each morning and leave every afternoon. Thank you, again for always supporting our students, staff and the Allendale Elementary school community.