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    Allendale Elementary School

     Parent Teacher League  



    Allendale PTL Officers 

    President         Andrea Vogel

    Secretary/Communications Cassandra Smith

    Treasurer         Chris Louth


    PTL Teacher Representatives

    Mrs. J. Nowinski

    Mrs. M. Mihalics


    PTL Event Committee Members

    Halloween - 

    Katie Sullivan


    Winter Fest - 

    Michele McCabe & Anna Serafini


    Family Night - 

    Mrs. M. Mihalics & Mrs. J. Nowinski


    Staff Appreciation - 

    Julie Andreveri 




    What is the Allendale PTL? 


    The Allendale PTL (Parent/Teacher League) is an organization made up of parents, teachers, and staff who are committed to providing the best learning environment for your child. We provide a great deal of activities for the students of Allendale each year. 


    Our annual membership, events and fundraisers throughout the year fund the activities we provide. The PTL receives NO taxpayer money.


    The PTL holds meetings once per month to discuss upcoming events, fundraisers and new ideas to enrich the lives of our students. All are welcome! 







    Email us


    Join the PTL 


    Go to to complete the membership form. Membership is $10/family for the year. Members will be admitted to the Halloween, Winter Fest, and Family Night at no additional cost. The cost of these events for non-members will be $5/family per event. We are working toward going cashless for the ‘23-’24 school year. If you would still like to pay cash this year, please email us. 


    By joining the PTL, you are not obligated to attend meetings or participate in events, but participation is encouraged and all are welcome! Volunteering of your time and talent is always greatly appreciated! 







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