Spring Box Top Contest



Which class can bring in the most Box Tops? The class per grade with the highest total wins an ICE CREAM PARTY!!


Why Box Tops? Box Tops raise over $3,000 that we can use to purchase needed items for school.


Contest begins Jan. 28 through Feb. 11

Questions? Contact Kelly Rogers

rogersk922@gmail.com or 716-572-6020


Send your clipped Box Tops to school in an envelope with your child’s name and class. Send in what you have now, and keep clipping!

Put your kids to work as a Box Top Detective - have them check your pantry, your shelves and your office supplies.

Many items have Box Tops or Bonus Box Tops (worth 10 points!).

For a list of items check:  boxtops4education.com/participatingproducts

Many web sites have eBox Tops for shopping online. For a complete list of Box Top brands (and games to earn bonus Box Tops), visit: boxtops4education.com/products

Ask family, friends and people you know at work to collect them. Do not let a Box Top get wasted!

Turn in the complete label, including the expiration date. Check the date -they do expire.


BONUS BOX TOPS -download the app and

Help our school!!

Scan your receipts to earn

Bonus box tops.