Running Loose

by Chris Crutcher Year Published: Average

Have you ever had to go to school, play football, and have a part time job? This is what Louie Banks goes through in the book Running Loose by Chris Crutcher.  Louie is a kid that has a lot of problems. Louie Banks is a seventeen year old kid that goes to Trout High School. On the football team Louie is the starting wide out. His best friend Carter the starting quarterback and Boomer the running back. His girlfriend Becky is the head cheerleader. One day Becky was driving and she swerved around three kids and drove off a bridge. Just before that Louie quit the football team and the accident Becky had had Louie thinking if he made the right decision. After he quit, coach Lednecky and the principal said Louie couldn't play any more sports at school. So Louie would always think about Becky and sports. Louie started to go crazy until he was offered the opportunity to run track from the assistant head coach of the football team who was now the track coach. When Louie had to run a mile in the early start of football season, he finished right behind Carter and Boomer. When track started, Coach Madison made sure Louie could run. Louie asked Coach Madison why he did it. Coach Madison said “I did it because when I was growing up something like this happened to me and sports were the only thing that held me together.” (186). My personal reaction to this book was that Louie put up with a lot of stuff. I think a lot of people couldn't have. The book earns a five out of five from me. You should read this book because a lot of thins that happened to Louie you might not make the same mistakes he did and hopefully you will have the same reaction I did. CUTS!/January 2006


Note: This book is available in our Library.