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January Students of the Month: East and West

January Students of the Month: East and West
Each month, the West Seneca School District’s High Schools recognize a “Student of the Month” in each specific academic venue. Their coursework and high level of commitment to that specialty sets them apart and their achievements and dedication are acknowledged by the school and community. See their photos at “The Market in the Square”. This program is funded by local businesses within the community. The 2023-2024 - sponsors for “Student of the Month” are Sgroi Financial, LLC, West Seneca East Student Council, West Seneca West Student Council and Upstate Images.
Below are our Students of the Month for January from East & West, with nominating teacher comments. Congratulations to all!
West Senior’s January Students of the Month
Vanessa Lewczyk, Grade 12
ART: Chris Galley
Vanessa has been working multiple periods each day on her AP Studio Art portfolio. She is investigating women’s issues as they relate to our patriarchal society in her work. She has been developing her ideas through multiple mediums and techniques. Her work shows a maturity beyond her years.
Alex Attia, Grade 12
Alex has been super helpful completing all of our projects in Business and Marketing Honor Society and DECA. He is someone that can always be counted on! Thank you Alex!
Elizabeth Bishop, Grade 11
Lizzy is heavily involved in our West community , and is a kind, well-mannered young woman.
Ella Cieszynski, Grade 9
ENGLISH: Steve Gregor
Ella does a phenomenal job with everything she sets her mind to. She has an extremely creative mind and great insight into literature. She makes deep and profound connections between the texts and life, and is currently researching the Trail of Tears. Miss Fibich and I are very proud of her and are thankful to have her in our English class and Project LIT!
Ryan Simpson, Grade 10
HEALTH: Nicholas Sereday
Ryan comes to class every day with a great attitude and ready to learn. He takes part in classroom discussions and always adds thoughtful responses. Overall he does an amazing job and demonstrates many qualities that will help him be a successful young adult.
OlivIa Breeden, Grade 11
MATH: Dan Cantafio
Olivia comes into class every day with her homework done and a smile on her face. She always has a great attitude in the classroom, asks questions, and often stays after school to get help with assignments she might be struggling on. Olivia is a great example of a hard working student athlete.
Ava Schara, Grade 12
MUSIC: Keith Ersing
Ava is an incredibly talented leader in the West Senior Choral Department. She is extremely reliable and will tackle any challenge that she encounters. As a leader, Ava possesses the qualities that a true leader should have. She takes the initiative, sets the example, helps others, and completes the task at hand. We are lucky to have her in our department!
Isobel Bucki, Grade 10
Isobel consistently puts forth her best effort and attitude in PE. She always has a smile, works well with her classmates, and is respectful to her teachers.
Brice Januchowski, Grade 9
SCIENCE: Kevin Neeson
Brice is conscientious, diligent, polite and puts forth his best effort in the Living Environment each and every day.
Thomas Matyjakowski Jr, Grade 12
SOCIAL STUDIES: Maeghan Roberts
Thomas consistently contributes insightful and thoughtful ideas in Economics class. Whether through class discussions or his projects, Thomas demonstrates curiosity and a dedication to learning more about society. Tom exemplifies strong character traits and is an accountable, dependable student, making him a great asset in class!
Landon Hitt, Grade 10
TECHNOLOGY: Justin Mergenhagen
Landon is always willing to work hard every day and help out other students when they are struggling.
Jonah Higgins, Grade 10
WORLD LANGUAGE: Lindsay Wahler
Jonah is kind, diligent, conscientious, and humble. Even after missing a year of language, he easily jumped back in and has worked to the best of his ability!
Star Reader: Janaya Williams, Grade 11
East Senior's January Students of the Month
Alanna McNaughton, Grade 12
ART: Mr. Perna
Alanna is a very driven young lady… She understands how to use her talents and ideas to make meaningful works of art and design. She’s developing her career goals and merging that with her Sustained Investigation in the classroom.
Dylan Fuqua, Grade 11
Dylan is a co-manager at the East Vault. He is doing a great job learning about how to complete financial transactions and how to close the vault every day that it is open. Keep up the great work!
Bella Nowak, Grade 11
Bella goes out of her way to make the students in the classroom feel included and welcomed. She also is a leader, as she is always offering to help the teachers. She does a great job interacting with students during Snack Attack and is responsible.
Nathaniel Stumpf, Grade 12
ENGLISH: Scritchfield
A highly dedicated ELA student. His effort regarding his studies in the ELA 10 curriculum is commendable. He is always insightful and is mastering the skills required to be successful at this level.
Madison Cournyea, Grade10
HEALTH: Mr. Prynn
Madison is an outstanding health student who is self-motivated, excels in our class, and is carrying a 100% average and is a pleasure to have in Health I.
Madalyn Hodges, Grade 10
MATH: Mrs. Swygert
Madalyn is an extremely hard worker and very self-motivated! She has continued to work to better her understanding and has shown great improvements in Geometry. She is a fantastic role model for her classmates.
Hailey Sugrue, Grade 12
MUSIC: Mr. Farugia
Hailey Sugrue has worked very hard for her success. She participates in multiple music ensembles such as Concert Band, Chamber Chorus, Nothin But Treble and has a leading role in the musical "Freaky Friday". Hailey exemplifies what hard work and dedication means and she is a leader on and off the stage.
Sophia Vidinovski, Grade10
PHYS ED: Jim Maurino
Sophia always comes prepared to participate to her fullest!
Isabella Snow, Grade 9
SCIENCE: Brooke Smith
Bella always goes above and beyond for her assignments in science class. She shows genuine interest in what we are learning and always has the most amazing questions. She is very hard working, participates in class, and is always willing to help those around her.
Edgard Aguiriano, Grade 10
Edgard is hardworking, focused, and has a high degree of interest in the class.
Landon Smith, Grade 9
Landon is an outstanding student who pays great attention to detail in his work. He approaches every project with enthusiasm and is very dedicated.
Anna Castonguay, Grade 11
Anna is a fabulous French student. She is always participating in class and exhibits enthusiasm. Anna was a host for our French exchange students in the fall. She made our visiting students feel very welcome and was an outstanding ambassador for our school and community. Excellent travail!