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Clinton Elementary Talent Show

Recently, Clinton Elementary teachers Tracy McCabe (grade 4) and Kimberly Vlahoff (grade 3) saw a project they started come to life in the form of a 4th and 5th grade talent show at Clinton.  

The teachers provided guidance, but the resulting talent show was the result of the students putting together their own routines and costumes, and putting on a show full of singing, dancing, playing instruments, and telling jokes on stage in front of hundreds of people! 

The students performed a morning and afternoon show at the school, as well as an evening performance for parents.  The twice per week practices the teachers held for the students from January until the show in April paid off.  The show was a success!  Sometimes it’s hard to coax a child out of their shell, but once they’ve felt adulation on the stage, they never go back!  

Kudos to Ms. Vlahoff and Ms. McCabe for showing our children the ropes.

So many GREAT acts!