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School Lunch Heroes

School Lunch Hero Day is a day when schools and community members can show their appreciation for the important work that school nutrition professionals do each and every day to provide nutritious meals to the West Seneca students.

School nutrition professionals have always supported student success and learning by providing nutritious meals and snacks throughout the school year. Students who eat school meals have lower rates of food insecurity, lower rates of obesity, and overall better health. Students who eat school meals have improved attendance, behavior, academic performance, and achievement, as well as decreased tardiness. Historically, child nutrition programs serve over a billion meals and snacks annually.

The past two years, school nutrition professionals have been called to do more than ever before. School nutrition professionals rose to the challenge presented by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) without hesitation—adjusting meal service hours, providing home delivery and grab-and-go options, adding additional meals, and expanding service so that children from the West Seneca community continued to have dependable access to healthy food during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, more than ever, these professionals embody the essence of the word “hero.”

Pictured here, East Middle's Heroes with Food Service Director Sue Whalen (R).