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We LOVE and appreciate our West Seneca Teachers!

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Day of Teacher Appreciation Week! Here you see 4th grade math teachers from each of our 5 elementary schools, working with Director of K-12 Mathematics, Science and Federal Title Grants, Franco DiPasqua.
Though all of the math groups meet regularly with Franco, this particular meeting involves ways in which we will align our mathematics curriculum to New York State’s Next Generation Math Standards. This is merely one more reason to celebrate our teachers, who are light on their feet and focused on the students when it comes to updates in curriculum at the state and federal levels.
It’s not a long shot to say that our teachers, districtwide, understand the concept of achieving “Personal Best” standards – for themselves and their students.
L to R: Molly Derch (Winchester Potters); Michael Tenhagen (Allendale); Franco DiPasqua; Gwen Gingrich Northwood); Kara Blaszak (Clinton); Michelle Bojczuk (West Elementary)