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Parents: Help keep important Federal funding in West Seneca Schools

What you know: Our children, within a certain economic level, will retain free lunches regardless of your filling out the Free and Reduced Lunch applications for the *2021-2022 school year.


What you may not realize:  The Free lunch application is attached to funding for valuable resources far beyond school lunches, such as Additional AIS Reading and/or Math teachers to support Title 1 Buildings and other Material Resources, not provided through the General Budget.  This includes  Additional Parent Involvement Funds to purchase books to go home.  Failure to submit forms will send money to other districts.


Example:  A nearby school district lost funding for valuable programs because they were a mere 11 applications short of receiving important Title 1 dollars for programming.


Our plea to you: Please fill out the form whether or not Free Lunch is an issue for your household.  Help us to help our schools and all of the children in them by submitting your Free Lunch form by June 1st.


As we strive to offer your child the best in education programming, we ask that you consider the value of Federal dollars for all children, every day. * Please note that you will receive another application this August for the 2022-2023 school year, and we ask that you complete and submit that also.


Thank you!