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SRO MVPs: Relationship Builders

Our School Resource Officers (SRO), under the auspices of Director of Pupil Personnel Services, Dr. Sharon Loughran, recently presented to our Board and public viewers at a Board meeting.  

To those who may not know the scope of what our valued officer friends from the community do within our schools, there is a PowerPoint that can be accessed by clicking here.  It speaks to collaboration, drills, training, education, and prevention.  That, however, is merely the description of duties performed by the SROs.  The real value, as stated by Board President Edmund Bedient, is the relationships the officers have built with our students.  

“You have to see the SROs with our students,” Bedient said.  “They know their names, they have good relationships with our students.  Our kids go to them, not away from them.”  Bedient said he has seen an officer instantly deescalate a situation at a sporting event – not by force, but through familiarity and trust.  Certainly, our SROs have embedded themselves into the school community as a source of safety and support.  We find them to be our invaluable partners in education.  

Thank you to our unparalleled SRO team!

L to R: Officer David Jarczyk (WSR); Officer Jeremy Maloney (ESR); Officer Adam Schnitzer (EM); Dr. Sharon Loughran, Director of Pupil Personnel Services; Officer David Quick (WM); Officer Michael Rybak (Elementary)