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District to provide capital improvement update Oct. 29

An update on the West Seneca Central School District’s capital improvement project will be given at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 29 at East Senior High School, 4760 Seneca St.

Architects from Young and Wright will provide a brief overview of the scope of the capital improvement project, explain what work has been done in district buildings to date, and answer any questions the public may have.

The last update on capital projects was given Aug. 5 at a regular meeting of the Board of Education.

On Dec. 4, 2018, the West Seneca community voted to move forward with the district’s capital improvement project. The work contained within this project is essential to the district’s ability to fulfill its commitment to students to provide a safe and enriching learning experience.

Goals of the project address health, safety and welfare throughout the district; security measures in district buildings; accessibility improvements; facilities infrastructure improvements; building utilities; educational space and program improvements; and site improvements.

All buildings housing students will receive improvements to keep them in good condition and continue to improve access for all individuals.

For a complete outline of the project scope by building, visit

The process began in December 2014 with a building conditions survey, which was completed and submitted to the state in December 2015. The survey is a building-by-building, room-by-room, case-by-case analysis created with the help of Young and Wright Architects.

After engaging with a variety of stakeholders to determine the scope of this project, the plan will cost around $75.5 million.

In order to help offset costs, the district receives 76.5 percent state aid for any capital project done through the state. Therefore, the district hopes to maximize state aid at the 76.5 percent rate. The project will have no impact on taxes.

Items from the current project list not completed by this proposed plan will be considered as part of the next building conditions survey taking place in 2020.

Since the buildings were built, needs have increased for areas including, but not limited to, safety/security, students with special needs, technology and building management. These needs, along with the way children learn, have vastly changed over the past few decades.

District facilities also have a second identity as community centers in town.

In addition to pre-K through grade 12 education, the schools host various activities such as before- and after-school care programs, after-school tutoring and summer academic support.

West Seneca Central School District’s Community Education Program spans all four seasons and offers a variety of classes to citizens. Community groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sports travel teams, the West Seneca Town Band and service organizations use district facilities on a regular basis.

West Seneca Central School District is one of the largest in New York State, ranking 74 out of 715 (44 out of 685 if you exclude New York City school districts). Making changes to these buildings will allow the district to further network with other districts and provide opportunities to host new events and bring others to West Seneca.